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The function of a turbocharger is to force more air into the combustion chamber. For this reason, a turbocharger can be defined as a forced induction mechanism or system. It pushes more air into the engine than what is found under normal atmospheric conditions.

The exhaust gas powers a turbocharger. How?

A turbine wheel, which is one of the components found within a turbo system, is spun using the force found in the exhaust gas. The turbine wheel then spins the compressor wheel. The function of the compressor is to suck-in large amounts of air from the environment and compress it.

turbo repair

The Intercooler Is Key To Higher Horsepower

Because the air is compressed, together with the heat from the exhaust gas; the air in the compressor increases in temperature (very high temperature). This is why the air must be cooled first before it is used. This is why it is passed through an air cooler (generally known as an intercooler).

The function of the intercooler is to lower the air temperature, which makes it gain higher density. Then it is directed into the engine. The moment it is redirected in the engine; more fuel is added to create more horsepower. This makes a car engine gain speed and power.

However, just like any other part in a car, they wear out with time.

Turbocharger Wear And Possible Failure Signs

• The smell of burning oil
• Noticeable decrease in power
• Whining sound that grows louder at high engine speeds
• Excessive amounts of exhaust smoke

There are also other factors that can make a turbocharger to fail. These factors include:

• Carbon buildup
• Bearing failure
• Improper or not enough lubrication
• debris

For Turbo Repair, Ledom’s Is Your Shop

Ledom’s Repair can help, if you suspect or notice turbo problems. We have a team of experienced repair experts equipped with the right tools for turbo repair. We will inspect every component with care and identify problems and potential problems that may arise in the future.


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